About Us


Kitchen treats, all made easy.




Ever wanted to make desserts at home but …


lost on what equipment you need?


lost on what recipes are saying?


lost on where to get the ingredients?





Then Spoonfeed is the answer for you!





Tried and tested kitchen advice.


Here at Spoonfeed, we’re committed to bringing success in the kitchen to you. We do all the homework you actually need to do before you step into the kitchen. We study recipes intensely, scour for ingredients extensively and try out kitchen appliances rigorously.

All so that we can come up with the perfect scoop of kitchen advice – tried and tested!






Why Spoonfeed?

Because we provide you all the answers you need!


Want to make desserts at home?

We thought it would be great if we could package all the answers you need in a serving.

Showing you the way from start to finish, we share with you which appliance to use, what recipes are talking about and where you can find the ingredients you need!

So that that you waste no time energy or effort to make delicious desserts at home.




Check out some of our kitchen secrets here

1. Make ice cream at home in just 20 minutes.